Every day I learn new ideas that reinforce who I am. I learn about our true meaning and how we can show mercy and love to all. I've learned more about myself here because Priory reinforces learning and growth. There are definitely rough patches in classes, but they are truly more opportunities to learn about ourselves and the community we are in. 

As George '24 shared at Chapel: "We all have different bikes, different mountains to climb, different valleys to ride, and different tools to use. But through your crashes and bike malfunctions, I hope that you can make your ride better. I hope that you can treat your problems in the same way that I would treat my mountain bike. I hope that you have picked up at least an idea or tool which will help you ride up that mountain faster than you ever thought you were capable of. I hope that you know that you have the power to change your situation and mentality for the better. It is important to understand that if you want to make your situation better, you can. Find your outlet, understand that you are not alone, plan steps to overcome, and see your setbacks as opportunities to act with purpose and grow. In this way, you will make your situation better, and you will succeed."

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