Identity and Balance

Identity and balance were two of our family's biggest factors when choosing a high school for our kids. We felt like we were looking down the tunnel towards our kids leaving our nest. Even more than academics, we wanted our children to know who they are and have the time to explore themselves. During the admissions process, Priory convinced us they felt the same way. Still, when our family joined the community, we experienced Priory's commitment and approach beyond our expectations. Tayo is a young black coder and basketball player, and Temilola is a civically-engaged artist - both are rapidly developing in a school with teachers who care how much they sleep as much as how well they understand mathematics principles. Both of them dive deeper into their faith with administrators that encourage prayer and spirituality, in addition to extracurricular activities. I am confident that we will look back on these high school years and celebrate our kids' growth in every academic sense - and we will also know that they grew as people and got closer with God, each other and family. For this, our story is one of gratitude to Priory. 

Woodside Priory School

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